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What is Bio-active Velvet?

Bio-Active processing is a patented extraction technique that chops up protein molecules into tiny peptides which increases body absorption rate by 80% as compared to other extraction processes.



Small (~11kg)- Take 1 tab daily.

Medium (11~23kg)- Take 2 tabs daily.

Large  (23kg~)- Take 3 tabs daily.



Green Lipped Mussel (Freeze-dried)

Fermented Deer Velvet

Stag Blood Powder (Freeze-dried)

Red Ginseng (Freeze-dried)




For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Keep it sealed and store it in a dry & cool place.

Do not take if the cap ring or seal under is broken or missing.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • PETFLEX is formulated with processed Freeze-Dried Green Lipped Mussel, Bio-Active Deer Velvet, Freeze-Dried Stag Blood, Freeze-Dried Red Ginseng, and Calcium.

  • It is the Best Formula to support Joint Health, Mobility & Recovery of Damaged Muscle.

  • A powerful combination of cutting-edge joint support ingredients that will help protect dogs for the long term.

  • It gives them more energy, improves mobility, and reduces the painful effects of arthritis.



Benefits in a nutshell:

- Support Enhance Mobility & Immunity

- Support Promote Connective Tissue

- Support Lubricant of Joint


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