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what is Freeze-dried processing?

Enhanced Freeze-drying techniques are used at UB bio and our methods have been developed into one of the best in New Zealand. This innovative and advanced technology has enabled us to obtain patents on stag blood manufacturing in USA, New Zealand, Norway, Australia and ten other countries. Our freeze-drying methods guarantee that no single nutrient is lost in the process.



Take 2 capsules twice daily



100% Freeze Dried Stag Blood ……… 500mg



During pregnancy or lactation, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Keep out of reach of children.



Keep it sealed and store in a dry & cool place.

Do not take if cap ring or seal under is broken or missing.



Key Features & Benefits:

  • UB bio 500mg with its patent of Freeze drying stag blood technology, fultils the finest quality hygienic standard of the world.

  • UB bio’s STAG blood is carefully collected only from New Zealand born and raised STAG during VELVET GROWING SEASON (Oct to Feb) when IGF-1 spikes up. It is a hormone similar to insulin as the name indicates and plays important role in regulating almost every cell in the body, especially skeletal muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, nerves, skin, hematopoietic cell and lung.

  • Stag Blood may benefit those with suffering from anemia, chronic tiredness, delaying ageing or young children for high nutritional demand.

  • Freeze drying technique is applied to minimize and maintain all the goodness of STAG blood.

  • Deer has been a symbol of HEALTH, STAMINA, VITALITY & LONGEVITY so all parts of Deer are used as traditional medicine in oriental countries for wide range of health problems.


Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Only Collected In Velvet Growing Season

  • Guaranteed Stag Blood, No Mixed Or Hind Blood

  • Guaranteed High Iron 4 Times Higher Than Human  

  • Contain Essential Protein To Support Physical Energy


TAPS: PP6817



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