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Apply directly to skin or mix 1.25ml in water and drink once per day. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.






During pregnancy or lactation, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Keep out of reach of children.



Keep it sealed and store in a dry & cool place.

Do not take if cap ring or seal under is broken or missing



Key Features & Benefits:

  • Helps treat Food Poisoning: Antimicrobial activity of Propolis inhibits the growth of C.jejuni, Enterobacter faecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus that are commonly found in food poisoning cases. This is why Propolis capsules are taken by many people for maintaining gut health as well as immunity support.

  • Role in treat certain cancer: Many studies have suggested that some of substances in Propolis have anti-cancer effect. It keeps the cancerous cell from multiplying; reducing the likelihood cells will become cancerous and blocking pathways that keep cancer cells from signaling to each other.

  • External application: Propolis has strong anti-inflammatory activity and it can help control inflammation. It can be directly applied to the skin for wound cleansing, genital herpes and cold sores; as a mouth rinse for speeding healing following oral surgery and for minor burn treatment.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Soothe A Sore Throat
  • For Seasonal Cough & Flu
  • Anti Inflammation & Infection



TAPS: PP7348


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